Conception Luminance

Electricity only appeared some decades ago. It invaded all of our lives in a meteoric manner, and it is now one of the primary parts to all our comforts.

Without electricity, few things would still work, but with it and the evolution of technology due to it, the possibilities are endless.

We must nevertheless control our energy in function of our needs, but also be aware of the increase in cost of energy that will come in the future.

House Automation

A House Automation installation can sort out automatically all electrical elements of a building; the heating, the heating of water, the lighting, alarms, the shutters, the gate… everything to the coffee machine.

La domotique, synonyme de confort

A few examples of the facilities offered by House Automation:


The Lighting Management

KNX Partner

The Lighting Management's essential goal is to minimize the consumption of energy, to reduce the aging of material, and to guarantee an optimum quality of light. The system adapts to all conditions of natural light, modulating the intensity and brightness of light and the extinction of the luminary or of the circuit.

There are multiple advantages:


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